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Its hard to comprehend that someone would play this game more than a week or so and not take the time to open internet explorer, go to google and type "DDO Wizard Builds" and read the discussions over the last 7 or so years. Even if you just choose to look at a recent build and read the Wizard Wiki it would put you on solid footing.

Thats not to mention the countless newbie guides pople have written over the years.

A new game there is some excuse, an old game like this has about all the information you could possibly need out there at the tip of your fingers for you to get.
Why is that hard to comprehend?

I don't think I have ever google, etc. searched any game ever except, maybe to find out where to download it and I'm actually into the nuts and bolts of games. Most of the casual types that I play with would walk away from any game that they thought that level of dedication was needed to play.

While I fully understand why a serious gamer might do that sort of thing, from what I have seen, most who play aren't nearly that serious about the game.