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So blame Turbine for not having an indicator?

Actually, this is likely close to the truth in this case as, unless you research character building, you may very well not know they exist. With the current enhancement UI, one must have taken the prereq's or click show all to even see them. Even then they show up as just another enhancement, not something special.

Probably one of the reasons a need was found to make a better UI that highlights those prestige's.
Turbine does have in indicator. Its a square with a cross inside it and when you mouse over it, you are shown how many action points you currently have available to spend. It may not be the most attention grabbing thing in the interface, but it is there.

Every game has its 2% or so of players who simply learn at the lowest possible rate. Knowing about AP means visiting the character sheet, and clicking on each tab at the top in order to see what it does. Anyone familiar with how internet browsers work should already be familiar with this and at the very least, understand there is an interface here that allows them to allocate points, even if they dont understand what makes an optimal/viable build.

Its likely the OP ran into the small percentage of folks who either missed this, or possibly some folks who are purposely rectricting themselves in order to increase challenge. To have 2 in the group at the same time is likely a rare coincidence.