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    Default Korthos beats the **** out of many other MMO's I have witnessed

    I've played MMO's since the days of Ultima Online.

    let me just say that at least we are not starting out killing birds and rats because attacking a cat or a deer would get us killed on a freshly created character!

    We get to start with quests with a storyline fighting monsters woot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lerincho View Post
    original game had class based quest. there was one designed for rogues/rangers in spotting hidden walls, and a caster one which you learned to use a scroll.
    Well that would be something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lerincho View Post
    Want to improve the new player experience? Allow them to immediately group with their friends without the two separate Korthos Island. After all they joined the game to play with friends. More incentive for referring friends is needed.
    I'm betting this would also be easy to implement. C'mon powers that be. This would at least lessen (a little of) the ghost town feeling that new people hit in Korthos. *Watches tumbleweed bounce by* Combine the two Korthos' already!

    This is supposed to be a community game for grouping with friends and meeting new people, so...

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    Default You do not HAVE to play the snowy side of Korthos NOW

    Turbine already has a way to completely SKIP the snowy side of Korthos for any and all players, brand new and veteran.

    I have been using it for years when I go to new servers.

    Korthos is there to keep out the mail spammers and the plat spammers. I like that. It worked.
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