I have a level 20 Halfling Paladin Tank 18/2 split Paladin/Fighter. Currently for DPS I dual wield bastard swords, however, that is about to change. I am going to do an LR and go with a more traditional THF when not tanking. This is a 36 Point build with 2 past lives as a Monk. My starting stats and Feats are as follows:

This is what stats will be after the LR. I also have a +3 all stats tome as well as a +4 Wisdom Tome.


Shield Mastery
Improved Shield Mastery
Two Hand Fighting
Improved Two Hand Fighting
Greater Two Hand Fighting
Power Attack
Great Cleave
Bastard Sword
Improved Sunder (Thinking of Changing this to SF: Intimidate) since I get minus 4 for being halfling

Now my question is, what gear I should be trying to farm? I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to properly gear up. This is a tank build first and foremost with DPS as a secondary option when I won't be tanking. Yes I know halfling isn't the best race, but I like my halflings. Also I MIGHT be changing this to dwarf or human at some point, but that won't really change gear choices. Anyways any help the community could provide would be GREATLY appreciated. Oh and so there is no confusion, Yes, looking for Tank Gearing advice for ALL slots.