As not many people run these raids anymore I have been making an effort to teach/run these raids every Tuesday and Friday between 5-6 p.m. EST.

We have been running the raids heroic normal to teach new players and to collect those elusive low level Kyhber Binding Shards for Alchemical crafting. We have a core of returning palyers each session and have taught many first timers over the past five (5) weeks. If you wish to learn these raids feel free to join us. I hope that eventually we will need to open two (2) raid groups each day and alchemical weapons become prevelant on Cannith!

Additionally, speaking of rarely run raids, I am going to start runniing the Twilight Forge raid on a regular basis starting next month. I will post days/times in another post.

Look for Vuthesjing in the LFM for the MA and LoB riads.