Another thing people may not realize about the new to-hit formula is that, point for point, debuffing ac is twice as effective as raising to hit.

I'm having a bit of a dilemma with my tempest/rogue hybrid. Final build will be ranger 12/rogue 7/fighter 1. He's level 16 now, and at level 15, i had to make the choice between 2 paths. Cleave and great cleave, to get owerwhelming critical at level 21. Or, precision and quicken, for no fail (but expensive) self heals.

I'm mostly concerned with heroic levels, and maybe a little bit of epic hard, but no epic elite. Problem is, cleave, and great cleave are virtually useless on my tempest. The +(W) effect is fairly negligible on my rapier, but the main drawback of course is no offhand procs. So it basically gives me the option to hit 3 mobs once or one mob twice. Meh.

The precision/quicken combo has it's own drawback. I've found that i just don't fail concentration checks, at least not in heroic elite or epic hard. Then there is precision. I've been trying to determine exactly what mobs actually have fort. The obvious ones are undead, constructs, and elementals. Precision means turning off power attack. Assuming i have about 25-30 sneak damage on average, is precision worth more than power attack for a tempest?

You are probably wondering how this relates to the op. It's that i don't think i want either of these combos. I think i'm going to give up on overwhelming critical. It's not worth 3 feats to me on this build. Quicken is also probably out of the running. So oversized two weapon fighting is on the table, since i expect to be using oversized weapons. And probably precision. What you all think?