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    Default "Elephant in the room" question

    So... here goes- given that many were disappointed with MotU and are leery of upcoming ED changes....

    How soon do you think it will be before the new pack (Shadowfell) is 75% off?

    Wife & I got Collectors MotU, but I ended up picking up 2 more for my kids when the standard pack went 75% off for a week.

    Nothing in the new Shadowfell Collectors edition is enticing enough (nor the standard) and the "Legendary" upgrade (in order to squeeze out extra cash) is frankly insulting.

    I do want the new content though- how long do you guys think? 1 month? 2 months?

    We've TR'd most of our high level guys (in order to preserve our ED XP in this run) And we're pretty slow at leveling, so we could stand to wait for the new content.

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    I would guess it will be discounted shortly before they make it available to purchase with TP. Update 20? I don't remember off had if they've said when that will be.

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