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    Default WTS Expansion Code

    As the title says, looking to sell an expansion code. Here is the stuff I would like:

    EE Black Dragon Helm (+3 insightful STR)
    EE or EH White Dragon Helm (+3 Insightful STR)
    Planar Focus of Prowess (+3 insightful STR)
    EE Arkat's Cord
    EE Ring of Shadows
    Royal Guard Mask
    2d6 ice or acid red augments
    Shadow Sight

    - Restored GH relics
    - Raid resets
    - White and Black flawless dragonscales
    - Jeweler's Tool Kits
    - Plat

    Now that the expansion is out, this has opened up items with new stats. Items with +11 stat (any but INT or CHA), max Parrying, Dazing (stunning), Sundering, Deadly, Seeker, Speed, Doublehit. Skills I care about are Spot, Intimidate, Concentration, Hide and Move Silently.
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