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    Default Official Global Chat Channel

    I know there probably is technical reasons why there isnt a global chat that everyone is automatically logged into when you log in...but so many people complain about the lack of community, the lack of communication, the insular nature of guilds etc. A lot of that could be solved if there was an open channel, that everyone everywhere could see at all times. And one that, while you could opt-out, would automatically be active, so that most players would be active and viewing it, even if they'd forget about/not know about any opt-in channels.

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    It has been stated long long long long ago that it wasn't going to happen.

    There's two reasons that were given at that time

    - Global general channel is just the wet dream of RMT traders and platfarmers. Turbine is not going to help them doing their trade at their expense.

    ( ok, that one is a little weak nowadays, as RMT is basically dead in DDO )

    - The restriction of General chat to a given instance of a given area ( say Harbor - 1 ) is a choice made by the designers so that General chat is actually readable and usable.
    ( once again, you have to take into account that in the early days you had lots of people spamming things in the general chat )

    - There's some Technical things that make it not possible to easily change it now. So we are stuck with the General chat being general in a given area instance.
    You will note that Advice and Trade channels are also subject to the same limitations.
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