I have been playing permadeath for a while now, doing a lot of both solo and group play. When starting my latest solo character, I decided to do something a bit different and try recording the entire game. My aim, as usual, is to do as much of the content as I can and get as far towards 20 as I can.

So if you are interested in watching me jump about like a frightened rabbit as I dodge lightning bolts through the harbour, here is the playlist which I will be adding the videos to:

I will not post an update here for every video, people can subscribe to the channel for that; but I will post any interesting milestones.

My style is dungeon crawling, going for optionals and bonuses.

I am playing under the usual rules for my guild, http://extremeexplorers.guildportal....&TabID=3667873 . In addition I am planning to restrict myself to: pure solo, no donated gear from other guildees, no hirelings except where required for quest objectives, no AH purchases except tomes.