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    Default Quick Clonk question?

    I have a character in the works that I am mainly duoing with my son. Went for a Clonk build because it seemed really fun... And it is. Currently 7 cleric and 3 monk. I currently am thinking going 16/4. The reason being I'd like the increased damage die. However is it worth giving up level 9 spells. I don't plan on munch raid healing if at all. Also not likely to run much epic elite mostly norm and hard. So opinions. This is a second life with first being artificer.


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    I ran a 16/4 split clonk and was miserable for the last few levels and TR'd the instant I hit 20. I personally would recommend 18/2 (which I'm running now and enjoy) or 18/3 which I ran in a previous incarnation.

    Out of the three... I would have to say the 18/2 has been my favourite.

    Hope it helps


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    Quote Originally Posted by nazgul748 View Post
    18/3 which I ran in a previous incarnation.
    atsa good trick

    Really, though, to the OP: you're looking at Implosion+Energy Drain vs 2% dodge and 0.5[1d6] weapon damage. I haven't run a high-level cleric, so I'm not sure how useful Implosion is, but since you're mostly going to be in EN/EH, the DCs aren't as restrictive there. I do know negative levels can be mighty useful, though...

    Likewise, I haven't run a high-level Monk enough to know how much that 0.5[W] makes a difference in Epic, if its worth a little extra damage overall instead of occasional instakills or negative levels against tougher opponents.

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    Default agree with others

    18/2 for most clonks
    17/3 for heal amp fol version
    17/2/1 for other angles, like 1 lvl ranger for bow str, or 1 lvl druid for rams might and shileigleigh.

    Spoiler, rams might adds more damage than next monk die.

    More lvls of monk can work, but in that case may as well go 6 lvls for another feat, or 7 for more amp etc etc.

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