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The problem with answering these kind of questions is that some folks (not saying you in particular) don't really want reassurance or information, they simply want fuel to throw back at you both now and in the future. However, I'd say that my playstyle habits have not changed significantly over the years, and there is probably something like 500+hours of me discussing my experience playing DDO available online.

I do not exploit or cheat, I can say that for sure. I also do not have maxed out all Epic Destinies per character, again, largely due to the impact having a baby (now infant) child has on one's free time. I solo a bit more nowadays than I used to, but still group often, and am generally less concerned with achieving max XP/minute than some folks. On the enhancement pass, I'm about as concerned about it as I was during the first enhancement pass, which is to say not very much. I'm sure it will have a mostly positive impact on my characters, and I'll adapt and find new ways to work with any changes that I feel are necessary to take due to things that I deem less favorable.
Diplomatic answer, release the angry mob anyways.