I know it has been mentioned before, but as I look at all the potions you can make in crystal cove I am once again reminded of our great need for a bag to hold potions. We have hireling folders and now augment bags so I know you developers are listening so please keep up the good work with potion belts and scroll cases. It is fine if we first must take the potions and scrolls out of the bag before we can use them as long as we can store them all in just a single slot in our inventory.

And I want to point out that these things should be big. Ideally green bag big (500 slot, stack size of 10000) but if not at least red bag big (200 slot, stack size of 1000). As was the case with the augment bag I will gladly pay for these items. No need to make them free. Make yourselves some money and make us these much needed bags. And of course, make sure the eternal potions like the ones we can make in crystal cove can fit in the potion bag the same way that unlimited use hirelings like the panther can fit in the hireling folder.

And while I am on the subject, for goodness sakes make a decent size quiver. I am talking green bag big once again (500 slot, stack size of 10000). Even if you refuse to make it 500 slot it definitely needs to have a minimum stack size of 10000. I can go through 10000 bolts on my artificer in an hour. And it should have enough slots to hold every type of ammo in the game. If the problem is that quivers go in the quiver slot and there are issues with having that much ammo to pull from when using a ranged weapon then feel free to just make a ranged ammo bag that cannot be put in the quiver slot. We just need a place to store our ammo, potions, and scrolls the same way we needed bags to hold our collectables, ingredients, and augments.