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    Default Thanks to everyone that got me through my first EE Crucible gauntlet + swim attempt.

    It was amazing fun, especially all the near party wipes that I got to save

    Stuff like this happened regularly:

    And I got to do my first EE swim (and gauntlet), which I've been wanting to do for a few weeks now:

    Our Cleric had to leave just before the end fight (took us way too long to get to that point anyway), but a nice FVS joined and healed us through the end fight:

    And I also got an EE Backstabber's Gloves out of one of the chests.

    At the end I went back into the water for a joy swim through the traps, to see if I could fail a save and die. Unfortunately I couldnt

    The best part of all though was the awesome 60k EXP towards a capped character and destiny.

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    Was a good run, buddy; by the way: congrats for Gloves!

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