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    Default Excellent job on quests and wilderness so far

    Kudos to everyone for great quests so far. Thanks for addressing the problem with named items (a reason to farm the quests) and I must say that the storm horn wilderness is one of terrific sights. I thought Kings Forest and underdark was huge - this one makes them pale in comparison. There are so many 'off the beaten path' that it feels like I'm not being lead by the nose in any specific direction.

    And there are plenty of quests that are either asymmetric, rail shooter type and even arena stuff.

    My only gripe is the pay to do options inside the game. Sure it's shards - something you can get from selling items, but it's still a bummer. I sucks immersion out of the game play and I wish it wasn't such a naked pay for convenience. But other the this I've had fun so far. Just sharpen the named items, think about adding a few more rare encounters inside some quests (like the first sewer tunnel one - it kind of screams for a gelatinous cube or something similar) and as far as I can tell there are only minor bugs and balance issues in the different quests. Functionally they can all be completed and I have not run into a cannot complete type bug yet.

    Thanks - looking forward to the rest - whatever that may be.

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    +1 Rep. I agree with all of this. Awesome quests, but need to get rid of all the astral shard ****. Shards are nice for buying stuff on the shard house, buying airships, and repairing equipment in bad PuGs, but using them to cheat and complete stuff more quickly is a bad pay-to-win mechanic which does break immersion and leaves a really bad taste in one's mouth. It makes ddo feel like one of those cheap, crappier MMOs that are out there when it is a much better game. Please, please get rid of this stuff before it goes live. These quests are so awesome, dont't cheapen them with this shard ****.

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