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    Default Are you serious Turbine?

    You are having a sale on stuff that no one will buy because you refuse to update and or listen to the crafter's that actually do craft stuff? I call Shenanigan's and call for an immediate removal of this and put something on sale that will matter since again you refuse to update a mechanic that you introduced.

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    Lol... I had a similar reaction when I saw this sale. I mean, whats the point Turbine?

    Make crafting relevant again (more than the rare twink piece) by updating it to keep with the times and state of items/effects.

    As of now, there is little point in someone who didn't already have a high level crafter (back when crafting was relevant) to waste the time/resources on getting high enough to do much useful.

    I love the system, but like so many things Turbine does, they release something then move on and let it atrophy.

    This is all in regards to Cannith crafting only. Shroud is still relevant and useful, but I have never met anyone who needed to buy small ingredients.
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    Agreed. This is a farce! A few lives ago, I grinded all my crafting levels up to 150, thinking it would make a huge difference. I still find it mostly useless beyond about level 12. There's a few nice things I can craft all the way to 20, but not much.

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    Why attribute something to incompetence when malice is an equally plausible explanation?

    I think that it's possible, just possible, that they weren't meeting their revenue target so, instead of putting a sale on that would simply make customers happy, they put crafting stuff on sale so that they looked generous but really got to sell everything people would actually want to buy at full price.

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