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    Default Iconic Green Steel farming character - build and getting started

    H all,

    This is my take on an Iconic VoT/Green Steel/Shroud's not really planned beyond 15, and I think I covered all the basic or necessary feats/enhancements to this point. Below is an outline of the build, and a few suggestions in getting started (this assumes you are not passing any plat or items):

    Bladeforged Paladin 2/Rogue 2/Artificer 11(+)

    Starting stats:
    Str: 10
    Dex: 13 (pre-req for Rapid Shot)
    Con: 14
    Int: 18 - level ups go here.
    Wis: 8
    Cha: 8

    Level progression:
    1) Paladin - Toughness + [Whatever deity]
    2) Rogue
    3) Rogue - Insightful Reflexes
    4) Paladin - [INT +1]
    5) Artificer
    6) Artificer - Point Blank Shot
    7) Artificer
    8) Artificer - [INT +1] Rapid Shot
    9) Artificer - Precise Shot
    10) Artificer
    11) Artificer
    12) Artificer - Improved Critical: Ranged + Quicken EDIT: [INT +1]
    13) Artificer
    14) Artificer
    15) Artificer - Extend

    Note that Extend and Quicken were only my choices - I don't like having to rebuff often, and Quicken is a no-brainer for the Reconstruct SLA in the Bladeforged racial enhancement line.


    11 - Comm. of Scribing (3/3) - Reconstruct SLA, 6 sec CD, can use with Quicken at no cost.
    [17 - Comm. of Handling]
    [20 - Comm. of Handling + 1 CON]

    3 - Uncaring Master

    Battle Engineer:
    26 - Int +2, Endless Fusilade

    Rogue Mechanic:
    rest: Xbow enhancements

    Maxed Spot, search, disable, locks, repair, UMD, [repair or spellcraft]

    Getting Started:

    First off, the starter gear on a Bladeforged is not junk. We're going to keep most of it. We do need a couple of essentials though:

    1) A repeater - What I did was run Kobold's New Ringleader immediately at Elite. With "Class Loot" turned on in options, you'll always get a repeater - take the best from the list. I ran it twice for a few items for starting plat. We'll get a better one in step 3.

    2) Spell components - After running KNR 2 or 3 times, sell up everything you've collected at any general vendor. Then head for House Cannith. Visit the artificer scroll vendor, and buy 200 of each mat for levels 1-5 spells, and as much granite dust as you can afford at this point.

    3) A better repeater - at this point, I ran Invaders! normal 3 times. This is not difficult with quickened reconstruct and your starter gear (which includes Deathblock), and nets a few chests plus the end reward. You might even be lucky enough to grab Optic Nerves. At this point, again take the nicest repeater from the offered list.

    4) An INT item - this is really the only thing we need to replace at this point. The two replaceable parts of the starter gear are one ring, and the gauntlets. Either of these can be ditched with impunity, so you can either save up a few plat to buy a cheap item on the AH, hit it lucky with a loot chest, or pass one from an alt. Depends on how long you want to take.

    5) A runearm - this is where it gets tricky, particularly for an F2P player. The 2 easiest and fastest options at this point are Coronach from Delera's, and Hand of the Tombs from Sands (Chamber of Raiyum). A VIP or someone who owns these packs is going to be fine. There are several nice choices from Gianthold also, but all from TOR, which requires flagging. This may not be a bad way to spend a level though, as Vale farming and flagging at 15 is toughish.

    Really the only jobs you need to do now are (a) flagging for shroud - this is not too difficult if you're willing to start your own LFM, and (b) Get to level 17, which is where you can earn XP with level 20s in the Shroud.

    Thoughts are welcome

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