Something has to be done with the Iconics' lack of favor. Even Coin Lord favor needed to obtain inventory tabs will require running Korthos, Harbor and Marketplace quests (level 1-4) with a level 15 character - which is kind of silly. Sure players do favor clean-ups, but to require an intensive amount of low level/no XP play for inventory tabs, bank tabs, Silver Flame pot access, etc... defeats the very purpose of having Iconics (if there is a purpose).

All I'm saying is you have this character starting at level 15, but in order to normalize play, they have to inexplicably go back to Eberron and blast through all the low level content they were trying to avoid in the first place by starting at level 15. So much for the "I was born in Forgotten Realms..." storyline. Without warping to Eberron they go all the way to level 28 with only 3 inventory tabs (4 if they buy with TP).

Possible solution is (for Iconics only) block lower level Eberron favor, but have all the equivalent rewards available in higher level Eberron and Forgotten Realms favor - Inventory tabs, Pendant of Time, Bank tabs, Skill tomes, etc...
This would also block exploitive TP farming by level 15s running low level and rerolling.

Also add a story line for Forgotten Realm Iconics to travel and have access to Eberron, giving them an excuse for high level quests. It's a poor storyline to just wander into a cave and pop out in Eberron.

Another possible solution is to have a storyline that has them traveling to Eberron, but they get waylaid on Korthos and must complete an level 18ish quest (or raid LOL) where they fight the dragon and mind flayer while Jeets, Celimas and Talbron destroy the mindsunder crystal (thus fulfilling Talbron's "Next time you fight the dragon..."). Quest/raid rewards include inventory tabs, bank tabs, Silver Flame pot access, etc... Only Iconics get the special favor reward replacements. When Iconics finish the quest, they have access to Eberron.

The bladeforged can't use that storyline exactly. Maybe they would have to go to the abandoned Cannith Manufactory for some special warforged purpose, then merge storylines and rewards with the other iconics.