So I have just returned from a lengthy break in playing, and I've gotten into leveling my third life clonk again. She's about to hit 20 and compared to when I last played, I now have menace of the underdark and epic destinies. This throws my build for a bit of a loop as when I made it I hadn't planned on being able to level past 20.
So, I'm looking for advice on what people may think are the best choices for feats at 21 and 24.

at 20 she will be 17 Cleric/3 Monk, with two cleric past lives.
Half-elf with Paladin dilettante.
(I'm pulling the following information from my notes to give a bit more insight into the build, as the one in my character planner isn't correct)
Ability scores at level 1: 16 Strength, 15 Dexterity, 14 Con, 8 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Cha.
All ability points leveling have gone to strength.
Skills: Generally try to maximize Concentration and Balance
Selected feats:
1: Toughness, Paladin Dilettante
2: Two-Weapon Fighting
3: Empower Healing Spell
4: Power Attack
6: Maximize Spell
9: Stunning Fist, Path of Harmonious Balance
12: Quicken Spell
15: Improved Two Weapon Fighting
18: Greater Two Weapon Fighting

As you can tell I built her to be a melee-focused cleric that is very adept at keeping herself alive. Right now at level 18 she's quite capable of doing everything I had hoped. She's been performing well at killing things, evading nasty spells, and keeping her allies alive. I don't like to pretend I'm anything but a cleric... I do my best to heal and after two previous battlecleric lives I hope I'm capable of that.

So since I'm about to hit level 20, and I'm fairly sure that Exalted Angel is the only epic destiny I would really want that's available to me, I'm wondering what people would think would be the best choices for feats. Thank you in advance for reading