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Guild/user chats. I don't see the point of a large discussion here as it will just rehash everything said in previous discussions. Discussions that you have been a part of so faking ignorance won't work.
Guilds and user channels are ruining the game. Don't participate in this if you love the game and want to see it continue. I for one use to just solo quests through my TR, but now I purposely put up LFMs so that others can participate that cannot. Guild raids/channels are doing the same thing. The more LFMs (and selective LFMs are just as bad), the better strength this game has.

DDO will never compete with the player base of other MMOs. But especially with Warner Bros. as the chief financial investor behind Turbine, this game will die if they lose too many more players. Sure some of the decisions by devs are changing this game, but give it some time and continue to provide constructive and critical feedback to them.

Ignore this if you could care less if this game survives, but take heed if you want to continue to enjoy this game as much as I do for as long as you can.