Well, it's been a hardcore couple of years, hasn't it?

With the recent changes to guild decay, Griffon's Nest is looking to recruit.

We're a mature players guild - we believe that you can have fun in this game without being an arse, and that's pretty much the only rule - don't be one.

We still run weekly shrouds, and are looking for more players, as well as leaders to run more raids.

We have a guild website with the ability to schedule raids, as well as message boards - we also have a dedicated Teamspeak chat server, since in-game chat really blows for most of us.

Currently, most of our players are multiple tr-type characters - we're all do it somewhat regularly and need more people to fill out our ranks!

Come join us!

Details for joining us would be at http://www.griffonsnest.com/join-our-guild/ - Basically, make a public request on that page, and register an account with us, and we'll find you in-game and do the rest - fairly quickly, since we're looking for new players!