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    Default Why do the kobolds mine for crystals in Crystal Cove?

    Crystal Cove pays the Union dues; kobolds do Cove temp work to get positions on the Cannith mining crews.

    Don't let the attitude fool you; those kobolds want to be in Cannith. Why?

    How else is a kobold going to acquire the Epic fragments necessary to get a True Druidic Heart of Wood? Kinda hard to True Reincarnate into a real Dragon without one...

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    Default Why do the kobolds mine for crystals in Crystal Cove?

    Because they can!

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    Crystals Are a Girl's Best Friend

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    I think the kobolds rather work at the Crystal Cove to get pampered than working at Waterworks to get slaughtered.

    Simple choice.... pampered or slaughtered?

    With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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    Because Kobolds not afraid of dark! Kobolds can close eyes! :-)
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    At you. Not 'with you'.


    time for peops to wake up.
    quit closing your eyes to truth. take responsibility.
    Innocent little Kobolds?


    Its finally in our Stormreach Community.
    ...and its a Plague!

    Crystal... Meth.


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    Quote Originally Posted by darchow_the_raven View Post
    While kobolds have a love of shiny things, none but the bravest dare keep the dragonshards they extract. A mind flayer requires green dragonshard residuum for undisclosed purposes and has "recruited" hordes of kobolds in order to get it. Since these shards are often used to make powerful items perhaps this illithid is doing something similar?

    Interestingly mining operations happen periodically rather than persistently, however the reason for this is unclear. Perhaps the dragonshards are used to fuel an arcane or psionic contraption and more fuel is sought when supplies run low? Maybe vast amounts are used in special rituals at specific times?
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