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    Default thinking of coming back also......sorry repost from wrong forums

    So my life is not as extreme as it has been for the past 2 years. I may actually have some time to play. I've kept my sub active the whole time.
    I took a few minutes to browse the forums (OMG major changes in appearance) trying to get a sense of the drift that the game has taken.

    Well I'm Frackin clueless!

    I don't know if my main(do we still have mains and alts) a warforged Barbarian is even viable to get off Korthos (is Korthos still there?) Folks talking about Epic gears, rare drops, needed items and having to TR at least 3 times to be viable at end game! what are free roaming hirelings? what are enchantedments?

    Is the game still fun for the casual adventurer who wants to play a couple of times a week at most? So are we still in Stormreach? another continent? perhaps a different planet?
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    Welcome back.

    The biggest change in the last two years was the release of MotU last year, DDO's first "true" expansion, which added adventures in the Forgotten Realms; as well as raising the level cap to 25 and adding Epic Destinies, which add beaucoup power to epic characters. [And its own XP grind for the truly OCD. ]

    The biggest upcoming change is the release of Shadowfell next month, which should also accompany the long-awaited Enhancement overhaul; both are currently in closed beta, but you can read about the Enhancement alpha here.

    That said, the fundamentals are the same: DDO is still a game about killing monsters so you can rob them of their stuff. Rather than go over the pros & cons of every race & class, as well as every rule change, it's probably best if you stated what your build goals are to see if we can steer you in the right direction. E.g., a WF barb is still a solid DPS toon, but the heal amp penalty makes them...less than popular with healers. OTOH, WF arcane casters are probably still "Easy Mode" for most content.

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