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    Default DEVS: Why does Favor of the Fey reset everytime I sneeze?

    My Shiradi Epic Destiny counter, Favor of the Fey, keeps disappearing! I was gonna list all the places it happens, but then I realized it would be easier/faster to list the places it doesn't reset.

    This is my list. (HINT: it's blank)

    Fellow Forumites! Please list if Favor of the Fey disappears for you when using a portal, doorway, etc. And list if it doesnt and where!

    This has been broken since MOTU!!!!

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    This is a problem that affects many abilities such as Blitz, Fey etc etc. I think they said they have to fix each portal and ability manually which is why it can take long.

    Bug report it when you see this happen with the /loc and hope they fix it.
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