With the new expansion i'm thinking there will be enough quests(xp) to start at lev15 with Iconic characters(or normal character?) and just quest in the Forgotten Realms. Not sure but it looks like shadowdowfell will let a character actually start in Eveningstar without The Lords of dust chain.
The only problem with this(esp iconic) is those favour rewards like bank/backpack space more-so if you'd get xp aswel. Remember we will quest in the forgotten realms so Eberron favour is pretty much irrelevant you can't buy house j or silver flame items in Eveningstar.

A Forgotten Realms only static group.
Once or maybe twice a week for 2-3 hours

Preferably on Thelanis OR
I'm open to any server, so as to have a fresh start and be truely realms only.
(i do have a couple of characters on most servers but they are only lev 1-5 if that and never get played so happy to delete).
Ears and voice is a must.

So if you're someone who likes to play slow and read about the story. Explore the nooks and crannies. A rogue who searches sometimes just because he/she 'thinks' something's amiss is a delight. With secret doors soon to be harder to find it'll be upto everyone to say ''roll a quick search check'.

I'm very interested and want to try reading what tavern customers and other folk have to say. What perked my interest was wandering around Wheloon docks interacting with the townsfolk, some clues and extra story lead me to a quest without looking for a yellow tick :-).
I've not done that much elsewhere but sure there's a whole world waiting to be discovered.
Like in pnp. Fleshing out the story so to say.

So fancy trying to find out whats going on by talking to folk who are NOT a questgiver first.
What about switching the town map off untill the area is fully explored.

I don't like rules. With like minded Dungeons and Dragons players, you don't need anything except an imagination.

Saying that i want to start afresh so to speak.

1. Use what you find except a set of level appropriate starter equipment akin to what an iconic gets. So all equipment slots filled, some hp/sp potions and an otherwise EMPTY backpack. gem bags etc can be obtained on AH? better to just wait a little and see if they can be obtained in FR before people sneak into eberrron when no-ones looking :-)

2. I'd be willing to try to literally start naked in the Habour just getting whats available from the hammer and chain.
A bit extreme and would probably mean playing the getting to Eveningstar quest arc, Lords of Dust chain on casual difficulty. Doubt very much this would be viable at lev 15 and with only playing once a week. It would be fun to at least try for a week or 2 and you'd have your starter gear in the bank if it fails.

Any day is ok except thursdays. I'm GMT so a start time 6-10pm gmt is okay. Friday and saturday a 12pm gmt start is possible.
I can actualy start 12am-10pm GMT mostly everyday. A 9-10pm GMT start time is the BEST for me.