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    Default The Official The Tracker's Trap Discussion Thread!

    Please use this thread to discuss the Storm Horns Quest: The Tracker's Trap.
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    Thumbs up

    I really enjoyed this quest. It has a nice mix of mobs, well paced and challenging, without being annoying, boss fights.

    Optionals are good too, but the xp for them (and the quest in general) should be higher. These are not fast quests, they should not give the same xp as Rusted Blades. More along the lines of Madstone or VoN 3.
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    Less assymetric and more straight forward. There are a few optional paths but nothing above and beyond.

    I did this on EN and both the optional druid and the red named giant had tons of damage. Even worse the assassins seemed to be able to use their chains all the time - managed to almost wipe me and hirelings. It just kept on swinging doing enormous damage. My suggestion is that the red named giant gets a little less HP on EN and that you get a chest (if HP remains) for fighting him. Also - no chest for optional druid. You might want to consider adding a reward other then HP for dealing with him.

    The end was a little annoying - the orbs flung you so far and popped up 3 times. It was a varied end fight for sure but getting flung across the entire map was somewhat excessive. I liked that you ended up fighting his familiar in the end and one can only hope that leads to players also being able to use familiars in the future.

    Not a bad quests - fairly straight forward going from mob to mob with an okay end fight.

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    I really liked this one as a caster. The new Ruin feat worked well on the orbs, as it barely one shot them at 2700 damage on EN.

    The boss fight was very cool, the orbs transitioning at 75%/50%/25%, with the last one spawning familiar dragon.

    Druid gave me a chest, then 2 more at the end. Felt like there should be one after giant. The the 3 red named all had quite a bit of hp, such that if i were to do EH or EE, i'd have to spec shiradi to keep up, and out of the DC caster.

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    Default Entertaining Quest

    Pretty straightforward quest, similar to the ES Druid quests.

    Some comments;

    1. I found a total of 8 pages and was confused as only the last 5 five registered for the optional. The story line may give hints as to why 8 pages, but confusing for me because I don't read flavor story much... like probably many others.

    2. The first dialogue seems a bit jumbled up. At one point I had no task in the task box, and the overall flow of the first cut scene was choppy.

    3. Exit at the back of the quest is not working yet.

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    Default Where's the last page?

    I ran back through the quest twice looking for the last page - no dice. I think it's bugged, but apparently others were able to complete the optional - wish I knew how.

    Anyway, concur that the giant seemed to have way too many hps - he was no threat, just seemed to take a while to go down.

    Also, fyi you only need to kill the orbs twice - the third time, killing the familiar takes them out automatically.

    Yes, rear entrance not yet working.

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