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    Default mid level weapons

    level 14 pre arti.

    I always use my +4 flaming pg.

    Just discovered the +4 on weapon is irrelevant due to summoned arrows (doh)

    so, what do mid level artis use for weapons? just stick with one? or swop then around to match the enemy?

    it's there any particular weapon type that's 'best in most cases'?

    thanks for any input

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    Well. I'd have to argue that a lit II rcbow sounds about right, for.. killing most things.

    Banishing/smiting/disruption are also good, but I'm too lazy to swap :\

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    The +4 isn't irrelevant....BE will boost it to +6, meaning your conjured bolts are irrelevant.

    Ban/Smit/Disrup/Paralyz are your lootgen go-tos. Greensteel if you want to grind one out is probably ideal. Cormyrian at L16 is juicy and much easier to get....just keep rolling for a Paralyzer with a good proc effect.

    I usually swap between 2, sometimes 3 xbows on any given mission. One general purpose (paralyzer), one specialized target (disrupt/smit/banishing, as needed) and if its worth the trouble, a second specialized target if the quest is that diverse.

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    Default Xbows

    I keep all the above mentioned xbows in my bag.

    Banishing is great for outsiders and stuff like Chronoscope.

    Smiting is great for constructs and I use it allot in Cannith.

    I love the paralyzer at all levels.

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    For me there are 2 main xbows for a mid level arti - a Min 2 green steel, and the Double Cross. The Min 2 will tear mobs apart, while the Double Cross will make you a god in Vale slayer. They will take you to level 21 and the Slavers xbow, and will still work great in epic content with Shiradi ED maxed out. The Min 2 with Shiradi does very nice damage, and is well worth the effort to make it. Another good GS xbow worth considering is a flamming burst / flaming blast / incineration, it does a lot of damage, and it procs regularly. While other xbows may be better in specific quests or areas, those 3 are very good general purpose xbows that are effective in many parts of the game, and are still my go to xbows for epic content.

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    Vorpal typed weapons like Banishing, Smiting, Disruption...

    They all give bane damage on top of normal damage with the vorpal on critical. I think it's 4d6 bane (it's greater than the highest bane weapon available).

    Paralysers are good too. I haven't found any lower end Forcefulls yet, would like to give a go at that.

    Otherwise, it's mostly about the DR breaking.

    For me, the repeater is just something to fill the time between spell and rune arm charges.

    Shattermantle might be god if you run a lot with Wizzies who need help with DCs.

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