As you have possibly already seen on Lamannia so far, we’re introducing what we call the Saga system.

Sagas are a way to get rewarded a bit extra for running a series of quests on various difficulty levels. When running these quests, you will receive a number of “points” towards your reward based on what difficulty you run quests on. The benefits earned are going to be Experience, Renown, or a Skill tome, based on the total “points value” of the quests you have run. The higher the points total, the better your reward would be. We’re very interested in hearing what you all think about the specific reward amounts.

That being said, we’ve built two Sagas for now (with the possibility of more for the future!) which both have a very specific theme to them. The NPCs to talk to about Sagas in-game are located in Eveningstar and are named Lady Azana Winter and Belvadere Huntsilver.

Here are the Sagas:

Menace of the Underdark
Impossible Demands
The Unquiet Graves
The Lost Thread
Battle for Eveningstar
Don't Drink the Water
In the Belly of the Beast
House of Rusted Blades
House of Broken Chains
House of Death Undone
The Portal Opens
Trial by Fury
The Deal and The Demon
Reclaiming the Rift

Honor of the Huntsilvers
completion requires epic difficulties
The Druid's Curse
Rest Stop
Stuck in the Swamp
A Stay at the Inn
End of the Road
Friends in Low Places
A Lesson in Deception
The Thrill of the Hunt
Army of Shadow
Through a Mirror Darkly
The Tracker’s Trap
The Giant’s Run
Waking the Beast
A Break in the Ice
What Goes Up

Feel free to use this thread to post about Sagas and to give us your feedback.