Hi , it's been a long time since i've played DDO, i took a few years off from this game since i used to play it way too much.

But i recently decided to start playing again and before i go out there and make mistakes that could be painful to fix i prefer asking.
I lost my old builds that i had for my FVS. I'm looking for a Evoker/Healer build or Melee/Healer build. It must also be really balanced and playable at end game content, something that can survive and will be able to help my groups survive(i think that's just what we all expect anyway...).

I'd love a link or just copy all the info in this thread. Thanks in advance for your cooperation , im quite lost right now trying to find the post id like , it's not the old forums anymore :P.

P.S. Also looking for a Pure Fighter (Two-Handed) DPS build. Lost my old build of this one too...