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    Hey guys

    What I'm looking for :

    - seal of house avithoul (any stat but +7dex)
    - EE arkat's cord
    - +8 str of superior parrying bracers with augment slot

    What I have to offer :

    Named items :

    EE belt of seven ideals
    EE ring of the djinn
    EE madstone skull
    EE arcing sky

    EH blue dragon helm (+3 wis)
    EH white dragon helm (+3 str)
    EH ring of shadows
    EH jeweled cloak
    EH ring of the stormreaver prophecy
    EH jorgundal's collar
    EH spiked boots
    EH steady handed armbands
    EH girdle of giants' brawn
    EH kardin's eye
    EH giantcraft siberys compass
    EH Bulwark of the storm's fist
    EH madstone skull
    EH arcing sky
    EH manacles of ceaseless toil
    EH adamantine knuckles
    EH tortured livewood bow
    EH greataxe of the chained soldier
    EH charoush's inferno
    EH shamanic fetish
    EH gloves of forgotten craft

    EH ironwood khopesh

    Seal of house Dun'robar x2 (+7 str/shatter and +2con/stunning)
    Grave wrappings
    Drow rapier of the weapon master (+10 vertigo)
    Drow quarterstaff of the weapon master (+10 stunning)
    Embrace of the spider queen (+3 ins str, +8 str, +8 con)
    Terrorweb chitin breastplate (+8 str)
    Planar focus of subterfuge (+3 int, +8 int), prowess (+3 dex)

    Augments :

    striding 30%
    false life 30
    prr 12
    every type of superior dmg
    resist +6
    and more

    Also :

    Raid timer bypasses
    Jeweler's Tool Kits
    the usual ToD and shroud mats
    Major pots
    Flawless scales (all colors)
    restored relics
    a lot of epic scrolls (claw, aga, chronos)
    Large augment slot ring and cloak, (and almost every pieces possible with medium slots)
    all +3 tomes
    tome +4 str, +4 cha
    striding 30% ring with colorless slot
    Ring +8 con, +6 natural armor, small guild slot
    different kinds of bracers (superior parrying + xxx, hamp + xxx)
    and plats of course.

    --> pm me here
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