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Besides the tactical DC stuff, there's also Assassinate and I believe a few other such abilities that don't benefit from the Exceptional Combat Mastery found on some gear.

The following might be different after Lamannia returns in a few hours, but there are several melee abilities that are a flat static number. For example, Ravager's Tier 3 Core Ability is Demoralizing Success: when you score a vorpal hit in melee, you inflict Crushing Despair on nearby enemies for 30 seconds on a failed DC 20 Will saving throw. You then inflict Vulnerable Will for 15 seconds, regardless of the Crushing Despair saving throw.

But there's also the DCs that are determined by Class levels (found in both melee and caster stuff). With the Epic levels now getting to be almost 1/3 for the full level of a capped player, I think DCs based on Class levels need to be adjusted so also include the Epic levels. Two examples:
* Assassinate is (DC 10 + Rogue Level + Int Modifier), but should probably be turned into (DC 10 + Rogue Level + Int Modifier + Epic Level)
* Sweeping Strike is (Balance DC 10 + Half Rogue Level + DEX Modifier negates), but probably should be turned into (Balance DC 10 + Half Rogue Level + Half Epic Level + DEX Modifier negates)
ED should add lvls to certain melee classes as do for casters (each ed for certain class, so nothing as shiradi adding sorc/wiz lvls nor fury adding monk/fighter lvls)