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    Quote Originally Posted by mobrien316 View Post
    So you gave him the scrolls for free and he refused to even try to use them because his chance to succeed was less than 100%?

    Wow, he seems like a tool.
    No this is not the case at all. He's fine. But I am curious if he has had the same confusion about UMD I did which is why this thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by K_0tiC View Post
    So you died and it's the puggers fault for not raising you?

    Also it only needs a UMD score of 35+dice
    :P *Not* his fault for not raising me - I am quite capable of dying with no assistance and no one around all by myself! No, I was just more surprised and chatting he said a previous raise to someone else had been from a clickie so I asked about scrolls and therefore my surprise.

    And I do agree about DDO seeming to be a little flakey with UMD and also sometimes desperately not working right when you want it. (Drat that heal scroll! If that heal scroll had just worked then!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by eonfreon View Post
    You're not remembering correctly. If you have a 39 UMD and you need a 40 to succeed on a scroll, you cannot fail even on a 1. Most people would think you have a 95% chance, but you add that "1" to your UMD, so you actually have a 100% chance and cannot fail on a 1.
    Is that it? I really don't pay much attention to the hard UMD numbers, but the percentage on the mouseover tab. Do they directly adjust to each other?

    Either way, some people forget to take into account buffs and cirumstances both when buying scrolls and using them. If a quest has gone south and you're trying to scroll-raise the party after a recent death, for example, and you've lost your ship buffs and whatever got thrown in quest, plus a death penalty.... that 85% is now a 40%.

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