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    Wink When the wifes away..she made me play:)

    Ok not sure how much of an achievement you would call it.Well my missus TR'd her toon and asked me to level her up some as she cant play atm as she has only access to realy bad lagtop.

    Any ways she wanted a ranged toon and we decided a monkcher would be fun.With her arty pl and rouge pl we are building the 12/6/2 monk/ranger/arty build kinda but running mostly in windstance when not ranged.Nice UMD scores and AC already at 57 at lvl 14.
    I have managed to solo all GH sides elite at lvl ..then decided id have some fun and try mired in kobolds elite.I put up an lfm started the quest ip..took a hire for a bit of back up.No one hit the lfm by time i had done opts and hire had let me down already.So i died once not realy paying enough attention to my decided to recall rebuff and try the dragons solo (with the silly beleth voric hire).First dragon spawned with all his kobold buddys i agroed all of them and dragged them to the crystal and popped it.taking out most of them.Proceeded to buff on the run with stoneskin/blur/gh etc and 10k stars /manyshot the dragon when that was down i switched to repeater lit II xbow.Ofc the hire died numerous times on both dragons and was a waste of raise dead scrolls..but i got them up incase i needed a rez.Baby dragon was down in 5 mins not realy too bad .Grabbed my loot and waited for big momma.

    She was pretty tough and with her wing beat/tail whip/acid breath was no point in trying to melee her to get 10k stars up.So i kited her in almost a box formation a volly then 90 degree turn/jump and another volley manyshot when up ..repeater xbow when not both lit II's.Took 15 mins to kill her and about as many raises of the hire that loved to try to pick thorns from the spikey

    Not sure if it much of an achievement but it did feel good..and was fun to do.this is a great build Half elf cleric dilly.note to self forget the hire next time! Cost too much in scrolls!

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    hehe "lagtop." That made me giggle.
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