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It's rare to see a player who has say a Melee, Divine, Arcane and maybe a Bard in their account, all geared and EE ready and capable.
Not at all. While if your join date is to be believed, then you would not really know this, but, back before MotuD, anyone who was into raiding had a Capped Raid Ready Melee, Divine and Arcane.

In fact, with MyDDO, it was always rather funny to see some of the most staunch supporter of one style of play to have a few capped toons if not a few TR's of the other classes, case in point, I have been a Melee supporter for a while, but I had a capped raid ready Divine, and a TR2 Arcane, in case it was needed.

It was just the way game was when the cap was 20th, and Raids were the end game. Raids needed to have roles filled, and pretty much everyone who was serious about end game, was ready to fill any role. Not to mention that most TR's, and people who like to TR, had done Divine, Arcane, and Melee lives, so it's no surprise at all to see most players with Divines, Arcane, and Melee in their stable, all capped. It was a standing joke some days as to who was going to get their cleric or shadow tank first.. LOL.

Not to mention that most players had Arcane's for Epic Farming as well, no matter what their preferred style of play was

However, with MotuD, many seasoned players did not view being level 25 or even currently level 28 to be Cap.

Cap in the current end game revolves around ED's, and claiming to be capped, would mean you capped all your ED's, regardless of the level of your character. A Lot of players would hold to 23rd as they ground out ED's so they could hunt with a broader spectrum of players, as such 25th was hardly cap to anyone, and to many, it was more a trap then a goal.

Just thought it might be something to share for information purposes.