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    Default Toee part 1 EE solo Ranger ( not flawless )

    Part 1 is quite easy on vanguard or my pally archer ( unless super unlucky - earth elly one shots my archer if I miss hitting him with the club ) so wanted to try on silly tempest instead
    Not flawless unfortunately - fighting air elly on melee is really lame ( don't have Fot bracers on ranger and epic ring of origins is not working ) and the whole end fight is quite unforgiving on "useless squishy class" without past lives ( 2x Double strike and fvs and monk for heroic lives ). But second death could have been avoided, might try for flawless one day.

    Not that bad until end fight except those cr 73 archers or orc groups - champions hit really hard with light armour.

    2:45 first death
    11:30 second death

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    It's terribly sad to see the fellowships being broken apart the way that had with lack of grouping, lack of legitimate end game, poor scaling, loot rewards not being commensurate with difficulty, massive dps boost, trait trees dumbing down the classes and encouraging mindless button mashing for the win, and solo-centric playstyle highly encouraged.

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    Even with knockdown immunity air ellies are the most frustrating thing to fight on a melee, double that for TWF.
    Getting into the spot where you get all your attacks and won't hit the collision box that knocks you back is so friggin narrow (and even if you manage it, as soon as the elly decides to move you have to readjust anyway). Couple that with that friggin slow spell...

    Anyway, good job, wipey!
    That ranger DPS is cute
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wipey View Post

    Nice Wipey. The booming chat channels made me laugh! Three channels, you are alone in 2 of them and only one other in the third. Ghost town Ghallanda!

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