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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaviusMaximus View Post
    What are your update 29 predictions? .
    I predict the game wont be here for an update 29. WB will pull the plug before u29.

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    Update 29 will have Epic Storm the Beaches, and that's it.

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    Monsters subject to CC will no longer slide around and continue to attack.

    Due to a bug, on log in characters will be reset to L1 and all epic destiny XP will be wiped. Unfortunately since the forums will be "upgraded" at the same time no one will be able to warn anyone before they log in and since as a cost cutting measure backups have been eliminated no roll back is possible. Devs believe this is a challenge that players will enjoy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ycheese123 View Post
    - Summoning a creature companion may cause you to teleport to a random location.

    Would seriously doubt this happening as then it would make companions ACTUALLY useful... even if it's only somewhat useful.

    You might eventually make it to where you want... and for many just in time to realize their ship buffs are just about to run out when finally getting there and then need to race back to their ship since their breathing bar will go red and they'll begin to take damage without them.

    U29 may only be a dream...
    starting to think this "alleged" expansion will have DDO putting out their ill-conceived Mini-Destinies P... err I mean Enhancement Pass then shutting the lights off shortly after... just so they can say they delivered it.
    You know I had been using the Superior Sarcasm font exclusively but it seems in a unannounced hotfix they slipped in the Sovereign Sarcasm font... keep up the good work guys!

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