TRing into my fourth life as a monk TODAY. I have three past lives as fighter. Was thinking a light-monk, but, I'm totally unfamiliar with this class. I like the idea of self-healing a little and eventually getting a raise option for fallen party members, but, I am open to other feasible options, as well.

I have garments of equilibrium, fernian and stonedust handwraps(i think the mats to make vampiric as well. will update again in AM with full list of my monk gear as i clear TR cache.)

+4str tome
+2dex tome
+3con tome
+2int tome
+3wis tome
+4cha tome

My goal with this build is to be a versatile, self-sufficient toon who can solo when my group isn't around. I don't really have a clue what to do with my starting stats, feats, race, etc...

Also need a quick summary of how to play the monk. Previous lives as melee have been "hold click and cleave" so the monk combos and stuff just baffle me at the moment. The couple I have run up to lv4-5 have not been very...productive. And advice on how to set up a couple hotbars would be excellent.

I just want to get through 2-3 lives of monk ASAP for the past life damage. Everyone says monks are amazing, so, with a decent build I hope to accomplish this quickly.

As I said before, will be checking for replies and posting other necessary info around 11am EST.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Everyone's favorite creepy uncle-Doj