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Hey - No way could I do what that guy did there BUT I still wish the Devs had left it alone!

They could have made an Epic HoX - They Still could {Come on Devs!} with Xyzzy Beefed up BUT left Heroic alone!


I'm not sure if you even bothered to read my post that you snipped as it was nothing to do with One Vs One PvP!

In fact it was a specific suggestion for the Devs to provide Opposed Questing {in a controlled environment - rather than everywhere}!

You really believe a group of players Defending a Sov Host Temple are going to sit in the middle of a big room and let you throw everything you've got at em?

You really think a group of players will act like a group of mobs and ignore the guy who's doing all the dmg because you sent your Tank in first?
Actually - So as to allow the Tank to be useful - The Devs should provide Opposed Intim vs Haggle or Diplo Checks so as Players can't simply ignore him/her!

And OK so "That Guy" is on the Attacker's Team and "Another guy" is on the Defender's Team - They quickly annihilate each other and the rest of the Attackers and Defenders are back to square one!

P.S. I missed one must if this was to work - Upon entering Opposed Quests Players would HAVE TO Receive x30 to their HP!
Here's the problem to attack or defend you'd have to get into los of the other player. At that point it is a matter of who hits first. Using 3x3 just as a small basis

are on a team
Z are on the other

A sees Z and gets the first strike Z dies
Y sees B and gets the first strike B dies
X and Y see A and C all at the same time X and Y both attack A wasting time since one could attack C A dies while they are doing so C hits them both.

Team 1 wins with only c left alive.

The video was very little to do with hox, but all to do with the dps that is done by everyone. There is no player that can survive 6000 dps per second of the opening salvo of a furyshot. And that's just one build, there are equally op combos everyone can use but that would be one of the most effect to kill another player.

This is why no form of pvp can ever work in ddo. To do pvp you would have to gut every class make them all the same except in name, and make sure damage output is never more than total hp possible in each hit. This would be a ground up rewrite.