The biggest problem right now as I see in this game is that unless you are in a big guild or have access to many channels, I find it very difficult to PUG raids. This is slowly destroying the game as DDO is viewed as a closed community to newcomers. I have channel access, but I have been trying to PUG most things lately because so many just don't get the opportunity to experience end game raids.

I would suggest some enticement to encourage a public LFM and not exclusive membership to a PUG. This could be tracked as having more than 4 members of a guild in a single raid or 2 in a normal quest. The bonuses could be as follows:

XP increased by 20% to those eliglble
Loot increased by +2.

The community won't change unless they are incented to. I personally do not want to see this game die and if end game becomes to only the select that have membership, it will eventually die.