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Thread: so. . .Cove?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdrocky View Post
    what. so we can have a lag fest all year round rather than for a week or two?

    No thanks.
    Wont happen if they make it perminent. When its an event many people are there because of the time limit of the event but if it was perminent it would end up similar to the challenges and would not require 40+ instances to keep running.
    Advocating repeated nerfs in the name of "balancing the game" then complaining about how DDO is moving away from D&D, is a direct contradiction in logic - D&D 3.5 (what DDO is based on) is not a balanced game. We can either have a balanced clone MMO with homogenized classes, or we can have a D&D game. We cant have both.

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    This is actually good timing. I got a nimble trinket in my bank that I want to get rid of (made a mistake in upgrading an item) and now I can actually get rid of it.

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