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    Question Specific Help Needed with SP Calculations Between 20 Sorc and 18/2 with Paladin.

    Aight, so I'm super torn between two builds for my second life sorcerer.
    A little insight to where I'm coming from... Last life (my first life) was a 32 pt build pure sorcerer, level 25 Shiradi Champ using twilight/set, well you know the deal. I was amazed at my glorious Spell Points, sitting non-buffed at 4,172, which I believe was decent for a first lifer. So my second life came along, and I was confronted with two options. Either (1) go pure sorcerer again, gaining even more to my 'uber sp' and then probably sit at... meh about 4,300, or (2) I could substitute my last two levels for paladin gaining charisma bonus to saves and (hopefully?) more HP.

    So I did some amazing calculations and came up with... well, absolutely nothing. I used multiple character planners, and none of them even got my first life SP corerctly, even when gear / set bonuses / feats + enhancements were factored in. This kinda scared me a little but I decided to try to calculate the difference in SP between my second life 20 or 18/2. Not the ACTUAL SP, just the difference (so this isn't going to use the Endless Faith +10% cause that would screw it up).

    So the problem is, number crunching using the wiki (simply using the base SP gained from 20 sorcerer (1730) and 18 sorcerer (1485)) didn't at all match up with the number difference coming from the character gens. Am I missing something or are the char gens just not working like they are supposed to?
    According to the base SP from the Wiki, missing out on two levels or sorcerer would give me a loss of 245 SP. Great, not terrible, but the char gens are showing a greater loss. Also, do I *gain* SP from the two levels of Paladin at all? Do I get the base SP that two paladin would have (132 SP with 32 charisma according to the wiki)?
    From the wiki:
    In addition, these bonus spell points are obtained even for classes whose level would not normally be high enough to cast spells; for instance, a level 9 Cleric / level 1 Paladin with 20 Wis would gain (9+1)*5 (i.e. 50) bonus spell points from the single Paladin level.
    I would lose 245 and gain 132, for a net loss of 113. Taking into account the fact I took the PL:Arcane Prodigy for 135 SP and have the PL:Sorc for 20, that net loss of 113 turns into a net gain of 42. So I gain a charisma bonus to saves, and I will still have 42 more Spell Points over last life, even with 2 levels of paladin (That is... if this is correct. If not, I will be at a loss of SP, a completely unknown amount, and dipping below 4k will NOT be what I want.)

    So therein lies my question. What would I loss from not taking those last two sorcerer levels? Would I gain any from the paladin levels? What is the total loss/gain?
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