Hello everyone. I am a returning player who has never been up at the upper end of content before. I have no experience with the Vale or the Shroud and so Green Steel items are a mystery to me.

What I need help with is selecting the one Green Steel item I want to build and take with me for my next life. My main is a level 18 Wizard. I will be TRing in the next few days into a Favored Soul. I would appreciate any and all advice on what GS item you guys think I should make.

THank you and I hope to hear from you.

The build idea can be found here: https://www.ddo.com/forums/showthrea...=1#post3836524

However, since it will only be a second life, the build had to be tweaked. I asked the author of the build how he would do it and so I will be going with this route:

If you have Half-Elf I would go that race instead of Human and choose Fighter Dille. If you don't then as a human choose one weapon as a martial prof. For leveling up go with Falchions, then swap to Greataxe or Greatsword when you get either ESOS or EGA.

For Stats, I would drop Con by one point.

Str) 17 , Dex) 8 , Con) 14 , Int) 8 , Wis) 17 , Cha) 10

All level ups into Wis. It can be a bit tricky leveling with a low Cha but after the first few levels when you can wear a higher + cha item it's no problem. If you get your hands on a +2 BTA Cha item with no ML it will help during the lowbie levels.

For Feats, I would select wiz pl over heighten. Your BB's will be two DC lower (not a big deal) but your Implosion will be one DC higher. And without any additional spell point cost.

human) Toughness
1) Maximize
3) *Martial Weapon Prof*
6) PL: Wiz
9) Empower
12) Quicken
15) IC: Slash
18) Power Attack

If you take this into Epic levels you chould choose Evocation Feats as your epic feats to allow you to do some destiny twisting to increase your Evo DC by a bit.