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    I'd be more upset in the unbalance in doubleshot chance comparing bows to repeaters

    that coupled with archers focus still being bugged out and giving melee a permanent 30% buff while not working correctly on ranged
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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackSteel View Post
    I'd be more upset in the unbalance in doubleshot chance comparing bows to repeaters
    Actually I tested that out (briefly) on Lama during the preview and the reduced chance on repeaters ends up working out to about the same as a bow archer over 2 mins.

    The repeater firing cycle works out to the same number of shots per 2 mins as an archer with Manyshot (16+BAB) - repeaters essentially get Manyshot always active, but averaged over the 2 min cycle. Since doubleshot gets a -100% penalty when Manyshot is active for bows, repeaters get a penalty applied to bring their doubleshots/second in line with bows.

    Again, that's just a brief test, but it makes sense to balance it like that, otherwise Repeaters get 50% extra damage from doubleshot

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    I doubt repeaters will become useless in the Enhancement pass Arties are a pretty solid class. What I would like to see be changed in the enhancements it the useless Weapon training line this needs to be a single ability leading to a line of repeater abilities culminating in Endless Fusillade for repeaters or Haste Boost for Melee

    Like This:

    Weapon Training (4 tiers choose Melee or ranged) -> Special Ability ->Special Ability -> Special Ability -> Weapon Attachment

    Alternatively you could make weapon training a single tier 3 ability with 4 tiers (the 4th tier should increase crit range, Stacks w/ IC: Ranged) leading to endless fusillade/haste boost T tier 4 than use that left line as the official "WF/Construct Essence" can include things like increasing repair amp, grant an SLA that revives targets healed by repair, grant fort boosts, basically make construct essence make a non-WF more WF like and make a normal WF (or BF) even better.

    Personally I'd prefer the latter idea.
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