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    Default Price Check On Scarlet And Dark Blue Ioun Stone

    Hey, recently acquired one of these and just wanted to know what it was worth. Feel free to make an offer on it (Intel +6 once unsuppressed) Hell if anyone can tell me what they all usually go for that would be great :P

    Thanks in advance

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    Sorry to say, almost nothing. The only people that would want to use this would be TR casters (artis/wizzies) or rogues when trapping. TR casters would almost certainly use archmagi ioun stone over +6 int-which is only +2 over what is generally available at lvl5. And a TR rogue probably doesn't need +1 to search/DD that the ioun stone would give over a fox pot.

    The trinket slot is just too competitive for any TR character to slot that ioun stone in, and non-TR characters cannot really unsuppress.

    And by level 11+, +6stat items are not rare at all, making the +6 stat iouns pretty worthless.

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