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    Default New Launcher and account names

    I have three accounts which always appeared on a drop down in the sign on screen so I could select which one I wanted to play and then the password would appear as asterisks in the password box (I know...not especially secure, but I am terrible at remembering passwords and stuff).

    When the new launcher happened, all the entries in the drop down box disappeared, so I had to try and remember the account names. My main account was no problem, but I was not certain of the other two. So in the account page you can enter your email address and it will send you the account names on that email address. So I entered each of the only two email addresses I have ever had and got only one account name on each. Which was my main account and one of the others. The third one did not appear on either list. Sadly, that is the one that I wanted to play yesterday - it has a toon with which my husband and I are doing everything from scratch with no twinking using stuff we find.

    I tried hard to remember the account name, which I think I did, but when I asked for a password reminder, it never arrived on either of the two email addresses that I have ever had

    I don't know what to do now. I have raised a support ticket in the hope that someone at Turbine can help me, but I thought I would just ask if anyone else had had this problem, particularly the one where when you ask Turbine to tell you all the account names on your email address it does not come up with the complete list. And to see if anyone has any other ideas as to how I can resolve this beyond asking Support.


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    If you use an email reading application like Outlook, or others, you could search for the word Turbine or DDO. That's how I recovered my daughter's account name a while back. Good luck.

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    Default I always thought one email account, one account name

    Way way back, when I bought two accounts so I could play with my kids, I had to have one email account for each account. I used my email account and my son's email account.

    Of course, remembering my son's email account was a grand challenge, and the password was another one. At the time he has nine and I let him create the account names and passwords and the account and password made oh so much sense to a nine year old at that time of day. (Not the next day though.)

    Moral of the story, are you really sure you do not have a THIRD email account? Absolutely positive?

    The wiping out of the account names has always happened for me for quite sometime. This is not the first time.

    Account names are now stored here C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online\UserPreferences

    Open it with Notepad.

    down at the bottom of the file. You can now save that file once you figure out what the third account is. Too late for now though.
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    They fixed it! And somebody was working on it on a Sunday. Well done Customer Support People! I can now play my gimpy toon today.

    Thank you so much!

    Also, thanks for the suggestions. I have definitely saved the User Preferences file now so that if this happens again I can refer back. And I was able to search through the emails and confirmed that I had no record on either of my email addresses of that account. No idea which email I can have used (age related amnesia, perhaps), but it is all sorted now.


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