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    Exclamation Is str/int arty viable in heroic play?

    I currently am a 8/6/6 build
    8 arty for pl and endless fullisade
    6 ranger many shot
    6 fighter kensai long bow

    Is this build viable in heroic levels? At Lvl 6 I am doing 20-30 damage per bolt with the hellfire crook is
    I am also doing 30 per arrow with a named long bow cloven jaw longbow
    Is this damage decent I can get every trap and hit myself with a lot of scrolls already

    I just want to know if mainly my trapping skills will be okay till cap
    Currently I have a 29 dd and a 28 search no ship buffs
    I have a +5 item for both

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    Okay - the basic rule for trapping skills is this:
    If you max search/disable, have the best item possible at level, use +5 tools, ship buffs, GH, etc, etc, you'll be fine, even with dump-stat int. Failing that, just get the best you can. Most traps aren't an issue anyway.

    *note* This isn't always true. My monkcher got a nasty surprise a week ago, he was crit failing on cabal.

    In regards to dps, you'll be fine. It's only heroics, and anything is viable there.

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