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    Default D&D Blu Ray Combo

    I was browsing thw WBShop today and I found the D&D movie combo here:

    I know whay you're going to say, "But Malk, those movies sucked!" I won't argue that, (even though for ~$8 it's a steal) but that's not what I'm here to ask.

    Some might remember a while back when there was a splash screen that advertized this blu ray pack. The splash also said something about it including some turbine points as well. My question is: does anyone know if you still get those points when you buy it from the wb shop? I'm only asking because the description doesn't say.

    Someone must have bought it recently. If you're to embarrassed to post that you bought it here, feel free to pm me. 8^D
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    At 8 bucks the only person being stolen from is you. From what I recall of that promotion it was a limited time type promotion so the only blurays that contained the offer are the first ones printed.

    I might be wrong on this but the one lonesome copy I saw at bestbuy a couple months ago had no mention of the offer on the packaging. So it's probably a roll of the dice if you end up with a copy including the code.

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