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    Default Want EE Optics (3cha) and EE Helm of White Dragon (any except dex)

    Have :
    8 Con Prowess Trinket
    8 Int Subterfuge Trinket
    8 Dex Subterfuge Trinket

    EE Gloves of Forgotten Craft
    EE Mountain Fist
    EE Allegiance
    EE Copper Ingot Arcanum
    EE Silver Ingot Arcanum

    EH Aquatic Bracers

    Seal of Dun Robar - +2 Insight Str 4 Dodge 10 Vertigo
    Seal of Dun Robar - +2 Insight con 4 Dodge 10 Shatter

    Pale Green Ioun Stone

    +4 int tome
    +3 Tomes (excluding str)

    Drow Longsword with 10 Stun

    Flawless Dragonscales (all colours)

    Mountain of plat

    PM or send tell to Bitzie/Xart/Bitzzing/Bitzz
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