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    Default HElf Barb a feasible choice?

    Considering a pure Barbarian, I wonder if a HElf would be feasible on a multi TR. Yes I could splash Fighter or Rogue, there are plenty of builds like that available and everybody else just create a HOrc or WF. Still I wonder if a Rogue/Artificer or even Cleric dilli would be worthwhile in combination with Human Improved Recovery.

    Or what else to look for to not be a healers burden but have some self healing options. The Enhancement pass probably even make an Dragonmark Halfling a choice, but actually I not want to wait that long.

    Any suggestions and remarks would be welcome.

    *EDIT* ahh my keyboard changed my 'b' into a 'd'

    PS: I have read the 'The Definitive Guide to Barbarians' thread from Shade, but the recent Updates changed a lot
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    * We have collectable bags, hell even hireling folders, but can I have that 6-pack for my potions please?
    * Having already a past life on the dieng EU servers, I rerolled here and started from scratch as I like the game and the community, so lets see what awaits me here

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