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    Default -|| Roleplayers of Sarlona ||- RP, Heavy/Med, end-game.

    ~ After the fall of the "Xen'drik Expedition League", the few survivors have left their lives of glory and renown to hide in the "Adventurer Refuge" beneath the Temple of the Host. Their enemies are many, their allies few.. Even more so their options. They have to fight! But first, they need more brave souls to come to their aid.. That's where YOU fit in..~

    Roleplayers of Sarlona are looking for a few more role players to join our ranks! Our guild have been around for a long time and are again open for recruitment. Our rules are simple and common sense. We want a relaxed and drama-free atmosphere. While being a role playing guild, we also like running end-game, raid and TR.

    Our guild allows players to create their own factions within the guild as long as they make sense and are approved by the officers.

    Current factions:
    - Ex-Leaguers, trying to form a new adventure company.
    - the "Host Adventurer Refuge", run by the Clerics in the Temple of the Host.

    What we can offer:
    - Weekly open RP event.
    - An open DMd storyline where your RP affects the outcome(s).
    - Role Play events once a month.
    - A good time!

    We have members with experience from both pencil and paper and DDO. We are a beginner friendly guild and we are more than happy to help you with both gaming and role playing. We don't expect you to be the best of the best.. None of us are!
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